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Disease Control / Full Mouth X-Rays / Scaling & Root Planing

The disease control appointment is usually done prior to any other treatment. At this appointment, a hygienist goes over proper hygiene techniques with hands-on tutorials to help you thoroughly clean your teeth at home. You will leave with multiple cleaning instruments to help maintain the work that will be done later.

Full mouth x-rays (FMX) are done by either your general dentist or by our office prior to scaling and root planing and any other bone treatment. The reason behind this is so that the hygienist and doctor can be made aware of any underlying gum and bone issues that cannot be visibly seen by just examining the mouth. The set is a total of 18 x-rays and, at Wetzel Periodontics, we use Dexis digital x-rays.

Scaling and root planing is done by one of our hygienists. This type of cleaning goes deeper into the gingiva than a regular dental cleaning. The hygienist uses a combination of hand tools and ultrasonic scalers to help remove tartar and smooth root surfaces. This clears the areas of excess bacteria and may help with tissue reattachment, reducing pockets in the process.