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Extraction & Bone Grafting

Why? If the tooth has broken down beyond repair or has cracked, it is best to remove and replace the tooth. This will help alleviate pain, infection and further damage to adjacent teeth. The bone grafting is placed to help restore bone height and width appropriate for later placement of an implant.

How? The tooth is removed from the mouth as gently as possible, as to not affect the surrounding bone walls. A series of hand instruments and an ultrasonic hand piece are used to achieve this. The socket is then cleaned out of all infected tissue. Once the socket is clean, a sterilized bone material ( sort of the consistency of sand ) is placed into the socket. Your body absorbs the bone grafting and replaces it with your own natural bone. After about 4 months of healing time, an x-ray is taken to make sure the area has healed properly enough for implant placement. We can then schedule your dental implant.