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What is Waterlase?

Waterlase is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools. Using a small laser beam and water spray, Waterlase can perform many procedures with minimal anesthetic and no drilling. Finally, going to the dentist is less intimidating and frightening!

Virtually Painless

Are you scared of going to the dentist because you'll hear the dreaded drill screeching in your ear? Or maybe you are terrified of the needle - and who likes leaving the dental office with a droopy or puffy face? These dental fears can be minimized with a WaterLase dentist. The WaterLase is a dental laser that enables the dentist to use minimal and in some cases even no anesthetic or drills to perform many routine dental procedures!

Natural Water-Powered Dentistry

The WaterLase combines water, air and laser energy for safe use on human tissue in the mouth. Our teeth are partially made up of water and when the laser makes contact with the tooth it excites the water molecules to cut through the tooth. Since the laser continuously sprays out water it keeps the tooth hydrated, preventing heat and giving you a virtually pain free experience!

It's More Convenient

As a less invasive option for dental surgery, it takes less chair time to achieve optimal results. Patients have said that recovery is much more comfortable when this method is used; also, in most cases, stitches and packing are unnecessary after the procedure. There is minimal bleeding and the laser not only gets the results we want and you need, but it also cauterizes as it works.

Safe and Precise

Lasers for use in dermatology, ophthalmology and cosmetics have been around for years and so has the WaterLase. The WaterLase is cleared for numerous dental applications which can be performed on both pediatric and adult patients.

What is great about the WaterLase is how precise it is! Regular dental drills rely on removing large amounts of anatomy to get the job done, and the constant grinding and spinning of a drill bur can cause cracks and pain. The WaterLase, on the other hand, removes very precise amounts of tissue and bone structure without damaging or cracking the rest of the tooth! And because it is so precise, you will rarely need extensive anesthetic!